Feng Diann Co.,Ltd was established in 1992.In 1995 we increased our manufacturing facilities to produce the well known motor Cross company Occident's professional range of motor cross jerseys and pants. In 2003 we enlarged our facilities again to manufacture military standard counter-terrorist accoutrements.
We have had over 16 years of professional experience in OEM & ODM production.

about us


We are a reliable manufacturer, and offer superior products to meet our customer's requests quickly. Because of the marketing variations in relation to global demands
we have the optimum conditions to carry out standardization, and can offer worldwide OEM & ODM professional of any category.
Our coordinated team work allows us to offer 1st class service, and the guarantee of customer satisfaction.
We have set up a special development organization to assist us in our objectives.
We are proud to say all our professionals are "MADE IN TAIWAN".
These are our objectives and we endeavor to earn the respect from our customers and to have a long and permanent relationship.